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Brand story

Jointex absorbs innovative ideas from the source of health and environmental protection, retraces the extraordinary texture of high-end fabrics with scientific, technological, innovative and practical design concepts and values, defines new standards of green environmental protection and modern fashion, and devotes itself to weaving excellent quality, < br > focuses on providing high-quality fabric products for international high-end fabric and furniture brands, and gradually becomes the preferred fabric partner for high-end modern style furniture brands,
Spread the brand concept of protecting nature and advocating culture through high-quality products and services.

  • Realize quality management
  • Pursue original design
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Meet social needs
  • Technology home health and environmental protection
    Jointex takes scientific research as the foundation of the brand, implements scientific and technological innovation on product manufacturing, endows products with excellent quality, minimizes environmental pollution in the whole production process, achieves the sustainability of all production links, and presents the humanistic concern of home technology with temperature.
  • Explore different and pursue innovation
    According to the domestic and foreign home needs, Jointex actively cooperates closely with relevant technical colleges, art & design institutions and international scientific research teams at home and abroad to deeply study fabric solutions. The products integrate woven fabrics, functional fabrics, scientific and technological fabrics and leather fabrics to form a personalized style with unique brand labels. Jointex will continue to enrich fabric elements and bring more appropriate choices to consumers all over the world.
  • Core competition and innovation pursuit
    The R & D and testing center established by Jointex can independently carry out research work such as product physical and environmental chemical performance testing, material testing and development experiments, such as friction color fastness testing, wear resistance testing, rapid water solubility, jungle testing, air permeability testing, tear strength testing, water splashing testing and yellowing resistance testing, so as to create the company's core competitive barrier.
Ecological skin

Jointex has always been committed to protecting the earth, maintaining the harmony between man and nature and taking the road of sustainable development. Jointex ecological leather series came into being, became an environmentally friendly and healthy fabric beyond leather, and defined a new standard of green environmental protection and modern fashion. Through sand washing and multi-layer re restoration of < br >, it is close to the realistic leather feel, tough, delicate and q-elastic. This is a new starting point for Jointex to move towards a "green lifestyle", which can reduce the use of animal raw materials, minimize environmental pollution in the whole production process, < br > achieve the sustainability of all production links, and present warm home technology and humanistic care.

Health and environmental protection

Hexavalent chromium, banned azo dyes, pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde and pH value all meet the test standards; No harmful substance residue, no volatile gas and no industrial wastewater, which is more conducive to human health. Safety and environmental protection are the quality principle of Jointex.

Never fade

Strictly select high-quality embryo cloth and use imported dyeing process to make it have good color fixing effect. On the premise of ensuring the natural and pure color, it has more personalized color choices to meet the color needs of different consumers.

Cost performance

The product is close to real leather in style, but the price of traditional real leather is high, the cutting loss is large, and the color difference is more difficult to control due to natural reasons. The ecological leather adopts a new process, which has the advantages of mass production in the production of home fabrics, stable process and small cutting loss. It is the latest choice for green and environment-friendly home.

Stronger anti-aging function than leather

Different from traditional fabrics, it has the characteristics of leather, and there are no problems such as cracking and peeling. It is more wear-resistant, scratch resistant and durable than leather.

Easy to take care of - heavy dirt is easy to wipe

It can be upgraded and added with functional surface treatment, giving the fabric a soft and smooth feel on the surface, as well as special functions such as decontamination, three prevention, antibacterial and mildew prevention, antistatic and waterproof, safe and healthy, ecological and environmental protection, advanced and durable.

More scratch resistant

After multi-layer composite and special texture pressing, the fabric feels thick and full, comfortable and lightweight. The special surface wear-resistant layer has a wear-resistant index of more than 50000 revolutions and has been resistant to hydrolysis for more than 10 years. It is the highest index of ecological leather at present, making the cloth surface more resistant to scratching and pilling damage.