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Company profile
Zhejiang Jiaying Textile Co., Ltd

Jointex is a modern home textile enterprise integrating R & D, production and trade. It has a first-class production base, intelligent production equipment, professional inspection center and international R & D team. It always stands at the forefront of the industry and provides customers with good products, technical support and perfect after-sales service.

Jointex devotes itself to weaving excellent quality. Relying on modern plants and advanced production equipment, Jointex has developed a series of new scientific and technological fabrics, showing natural texture, environmental protection, ventilation, firmness and durability. The products cover leather series, woven fabrics, scientific and technological fabrics, knitted fabrics, functional fabrics, etc. with the power of science and technology, the products endow the home with vitality and meet people's pursuit of high-quality life.

Quality control capability
Design capability
Our principles

123jointex takes design as the core, has a strong product and scheme design team, and cooperates with relevant technical colleges, art & design institutions and international scientific research teams at home and abroad to present luxurious texture fabrics and provide more fashionable fabric matching scheme support. Jointex always adheres to the original design, while deeply cultivating the Chinese market, actively links the global high-quality resource platform, quickly conquers the markets in Europe, America and other regions, and will create a broader blueprint in the future.

R & D and Testing Center

The R & D and testing center established by the company can independently carry out research work such as product physical and environmental chemical performance testing, material testing and development experiments, such as friction color fastness testing, wear resistance testing, rapid water solubility, jungle testing, air permeability testing, tear strength testing, water splashing testing and yellowing resistance testing, so as to create the core competitive barrier of the company.